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We welcome James Marble to the Full Sail Real Estate team. James is very personable and has a wealth of customer service experience. Growing up on a farm in rural Mankato he learned a lot about responsibility, ethics and a sense of community. He further fostered these values by joining the United States Air Force. James’ people skills were well utilized by the Air Force as a dispatcher. He spent the majority of his time scheduling tasks and coordinating with multiple squadrons to make sure people, goods and equipment were where they needed to be to get the job done.  He served his country with honesty and integrity both stateside and overseas. 

Upon returning home from his service, he grew his knowledge base and experience working in construction and manufacturing. James gained experience with commercial and industrial maintenance and public relations during his time working for the City of Mankato. He increased his knowledge of residential leasing and maintenance while working for a local property management company. James continues to expand his experience through business co-ownership where he manages projects and interacts daily with vendors and insurance companies. 

In his free time James enjoys helping on the family farm as well as other outdoor activities such as riding ATV’s and motorcycling.  James is also interested in gardening and grilling or smoking all types of food.